Fitting Ikea kitchens

If you are working to a tight budget on a kitchen remodel, you might be considering Ikea units. Ikea cabinets have their pros and cons, but the cons can be overcome with careful and considered fitting. My own opinion of Ikea cabinets is that they are well-made for the money and the customisation options are very useful, especially for tight spaces. Every option that Ikea makes can be handmade, of course, but handmade kitchens aren’t everyone’s priority. Ikea units can of course be customised with handmade doors and sprayed with custom colours, or matched to existing units you may already have. I would suggest meeting at the planning stage and discussing the priorities you have. The pictures here are from one larger kitchen and one very small one, both Ikea. The smaller kitchen included a custom-made corner unit I made which created an extra storage space. The worktop on that one was fitted by the client at a later stage. Tiles to come!