It’s a simple three-step process to get your furniture installed.

The first part of the process is to contact us (using the form below) and request a quote for the work you want to do. We can sometimes do this via email, in which case it’s very helpful if you can also supply some pictures of the space where the project might go, so we may ask for some once we are in touch. We might also ask to arrange a visit if we think this will be useful.

The next step is to move ahead with an accurate measure-up of your space. Once this is completed, we can give you some idea of a timeline for completion of the project. There would be some decisions to make on the materials used, the finish and all those small details, but we can book the project in once you decide to pay 50% of the final fee. Once we have the deposit, we can send final drawings which you can approve, or ask to be changed. Once everything is approved, we get the materials in and make a start.

The build should take no longer than we estimate at the start of the process. If there are any hold-ups, we keep you informed. (We are sometimes at the mercy of suppliers regarding special materials or hardware). Once completed, we will ask you for good dates for you when we can install the project in your home.